CAST 2015 has ended
The Association for Software Testing is pleased to announce its tenth annual conference, CAST 2015 “Moving Testing Forward,”to be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 3-5.Since our first CAST we  have seen dramatic changes in the nature of communications and the nature of delivery, from PC to client/server to the web and web services. Deployment is different; monitoring is different, builds and test tooling are different. We have a variety of new models and methods for our testing. CAST is where we talk about how they actually work out in practice, based on experience. At our tenth CAST, in 2015 speakers will be presenting stories, workshops and tutorials regarding their experiences surrounding how to advance software testing.

Join us this summer for our tenth annual conference in downtown Grand Rapids at the beautiful Grand Plaza Hotel August 3-5, as we explore “Moving Testing Forward.”

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Jesse Alford

Senior Software Engineer
Jesse Alford is an Exploratory Tester (no really, that's the job title, slightly embarassing though it may be - he would rather be called an "Orbital Drop Shock Tester" but no one will go for that and it's nonsense anyways) for Pivotal in San Francisco. His principle goal is to help people, and he principally does this by learning things. In the last two years he's spent his time introducing deliberate exploratory testing as a development activity and guiding a half-dozen agile product teams in the effective use of chartered exploration on the open-souce platform-as-a-service Cloud Foundry project.